Photography is not just a job, it’s a


It’s always best, when you can, to work at the thing you love. I love photography.  It all started when I was a boy - I started shooting with my mother’s old Kodak “Brownie” film camera and then moved on to Kodak Instamatic film cameras, then Ricoh and Pentax film cameras, professional Canon film cameras - and finally that brings us to the 21st century - professional digital cameras, lenses and gear!
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Photography E.K. Hudson What can I do for you? I’ve been a photographer for over 30 years. I Iove what I do! From catalogue images to weddings,  portraits to sports events, mall openings to pet portraits, product shots to quinceañeras, real estate photography, rodeos, aerial photography - even microscopy - I love to find the best way to bring the photograph to life.  During my career, I owned a studio in Hollywood, CA where I photographed actors and models, engaged in photography for the U.S. Navy and Air Force, and later I owned a photo studio in Ventura, CA.  I still use film cameras (35mm, medium format, and 4 x 5) but that’s more of a hobby. Up until a few years ago I still dabbled in my home darkroom.  Of course, now I specialize in digital photography, including digital computer retouching.  Contact me about your special project or event. I’d love to hear from you! •	Events •	Weddings •	Portraits •	Anniversaries •	Animal •	Product •	Store Openings


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