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Architecture and Real Estate

Montebello Town Center Mall

During the planning stages for the redevelopment and remodeling of the Montebello Town Center Mall, I was called to do a very large panoramic view of the entire mall.  This involved shooting many images from a raised boom lift (that’s me on the lift at left) in order to get a view that was unobstructed due to cars, trees and other landscaping. The final image was to appear to be “face-on” without the warping and curves that camera lenses, particuarly wide angle, can create on an image. The resulting images were huge!  The requirement was for both a daytime and night time shot, so I had to do the process twice. I combined the resulting images in Photoshop so that they appeared to be seamless. The daytime final was over 16,000 pixels wide and the night time shot was almost 20,000 pixels wide. I can’t display those on this website, but I did reduce the images that you see below - but you still have to scroll left and right to see the complete images.